Now we drive, hermetically sealed in sleek,
air-conditioned cars,
engines silent as stealth,
traveling through the world like something preserved
in glass jars,
shutting out the sounds and smells of summer –
the drone of cicadas and lawnmowers,
the musk of new-mown grass.

Timothy Walsh (via millionsmillions)


We have smart phones and dumb people.. 

Be there in the moment when she gives you the look that she gave in the moment when love overtook… 

Look up from your phone, shut down your display, stop watching this video, and live life the real way… 

Mediathek: Gespräch mit Sasa Stanisic

But then again, why should I spare you? ;-) some talk on tv with the very talented bosnian-german writer Sasa Stanisic, who won this HUGE literary award in Leipzig today…