count my blessings

friends, enough of them, close ones, good ones, wise ones, true ones, old ones. loving family. I write for a living. mastered mozart, beautifully. live in a house with good people. live in peace. have lived in peace all my life. music, music, old and new. art. books. so many writers and artists making my life richer. at home in london, at home in new york. have lived in ireland. live in a lovely town. in a great country. have traveled europe. am healthy, as far as i know. can go to the most beautiful movie theatre  whenever i want to. movies. fresh italian bread on thursday nights. belfast tea. berries. my beautiful place. job i love. the shows I have seen and loved, the shows I will see and love. At home in munic. and berlin. the park i grew up in. friends coming over for nights of talk and food and wine. cooking.  creativity. sleep. earn my own money, and enough to live a carefree life. the internet. access to any kind of information. time at my hands. spring. and summer. fall. and winter. the south of england. photography. singing. the sea. freedom  to do whatever i want. new people. security. home. respect. gratitude.

It’s insane how much pre/post material of this movie is out there. Kinda ruins the magic. Still good.


Pre and post VFX work by the very talented gang at Brainstorm Digital NYC on Scorsese’s ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’.